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Hole Sleeves

hole sleeves

  • Black: $19.99

  • White: $19.99

  • Glow: $23.99

  • Alerts you when a fish strikes

  • Mount to the wall of your fish house

  • Glows brightly for night fishing

Price: $15.99

Slush Bucket

slush bucket

  • Minimizes Ice shavings & water in Ice fish house

  • 1 Piece molded design (with handles) for easy dumping of Ice

  • For use with augers up to 10"

Price: $39.99

Double Sink Cover


  • Cover for Double Sink

      • Can clean fish on it

Price: $39.99

Small Sink Cover


  • Cover for small Stainless Steel Sink
  • Can clean fish on it

Price: $29.99

Round Hole Cover

DSC_0014 [640x480]

  • Ice Hole Buddy brand snap in hole covers

  • 13" Hole size

  • Smaller screw flange for tighter spaces

Price: $19.99

Ice Hole Grate

ice hole grate

Price: $19.99

12 Volt Exterior Light


  • 12 volt light with switch

  • White in color (only)

Price: $8.99

Tail Light

12 Volt Single Switch

  • Flush Mount


  • Chrome finish on mounting plate

  • Spade type terminals

Price: $7.99

Red 12 Volt Clearance Lights


  • Wire directly in with the tail light assembly

  • Attach directly to trailer, no mount needed

Price: $2.99

12 Volt Florescent Light


  • Two bulb florescent light

  • Swith mounted on the light

Price: $29.99

12 Volt Recept and Cable Hook Up


  • Mounts to a standard receptacle box

  • Space saving flush mount

  • White in color (only)

Price: $9.99

Amber 12 Volt Clearance Lights

  • Attaches directly to trailer, no mount needed

Price: $2.99

12 Volt Interior Light

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